Excel Enterprises caters to the manpower requirement of companies of all sizes and structures. Having worked in close quarters with personnel from industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, CRO's, IT, Telecommunications to Manufacturing, we come with the ability to find the best talent that your company requires.

Excel takes on a consultative approach to recruiting making sure a new hire would result in a mutually progressive business relationship.

Executive Search

Search assignments are undertaken on an exclusive basis, for Niche and Strategic Roles in Senior and Top Management positions. We map Roles/Psychographics of the Individual and the Organisation ,for a meaningful and correct fit.We work across Geographies and Industries for these Assignments and deliver Optimal Results to our Clients.

Campus Placements:

Considering the number of students pass out each year, finding right talent has also become strenuous. Excel helps companies to address this problem by:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

The act of outsourcing your recruitment process has become increasingly popular, due to the many advantages that it provides. Some of the advantages are:

Excel Enterprises will take over the entire recruiting process of an organization based on their needs, right from sourcing candidates to the compensation and entry into the organization.