Executive Search

Search assignments are undertaken on an exclusive basis, for Niche and Strategic Roles in Senior and Top Management positions. We map Roles/Psychographics of the Individual and the Organisation ,for a meaningful and correct fit.We work across Geographies and Industries for these Assignments and deliver Optimal Results to our Clients.

Campus Placements:

Considering the number of students pass out each year, finding right talent has also become strenuous. Excel helps companies to address this problem by:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

The act of outsourcing your recruitment process has become increasingly popular, due to the many advantages that it provides. Some of the advantages are:

Excel Enterprises will take over the entire recruiting process of an organization based on their needs, right from sourcing candidates to the compensation and entry into the organization.

Learning & Development:

Learning &Development is the art of shaping the skill and persona of person and make him adaptive to the environment in which he is supposed to work. Training plays a crucial role in the overall development of a person all the way enabling him to exhibit Not the Expected but The Perfect Behaviour and the traits like Commitment, Dedication, Teamwork, Group Cohesiveness, and above all the Job Satisfaction.