The Indian pharmaceutical industry is highly dynamic and offers great opportunities for both domestic and foreign companies. The industry is estimated to have generated revenue worth US$ 13.1 billion in FY 2011, according to a new Research and Market's report, "Indian Pharma Sector Forecast 2014." India will emerge as a leading global player in pharmaceutical industry by 2020


Excel Enterprises enable healthcare providers to accelerate cash collections, increase revenue, reduce bad debt expense, convert fixed costs to variable costs, and ultimately enhance patient satisfaction. In addition, outsourcing allows healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve quality. It also eliminate costs associated with staff recruitment and turnover, and can reduce costs for physical space.


As experts in this field, we have a unique understanding of your particular skills and the goals you want to pursue. We will place you at organizations that will enable you to fully utilize your specialized talent so that you can not only thrive, but are able to advance your skills and prepare for future changes in the industry as well.

The roles we specialize in this sector are:

  • API & Formulations
  • Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Trials - BA/ BE
  • Analytical & Bio-analytical
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • QA/ QC
With our dedicated one-on- one approach, we are committed to building a relationship with you to help you generate results and reach the goals you set over the duration of your career. As a result, you become part of a team that produces real impact for the business.